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 Post subject: How To: Electronic Dizzy Using RB Internals
PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:49 pm 
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Original thread here

Always nice to have a backup in case the site gets hacked or something :)

Greengem20B wrote:
I have just finished doing this conversion and thought I would post a few pics that go along with it to hopefully clarify a few of the questions I came across....

First of all - the donor Distributor from the RB Gemini.......I paid $35 and had quotes for up to $80.


Start by carefully removing the inernal parts starting with the ignition module screwed in through the side casing - then carefully remove the reluctor (undo the two screws similar to how points are retained) - Take care not to damage the 2 wires joining these pieces...


You can now remove the base carrier plate....disconnect vac. advance linkage and hold down tabs and gently lift out to now expose advance weights and springs....


Remove the two springs from the weights and undo the screw that holds main shaft in place....carefully slide centre shaft off.All these pieces are now ready to be fitted back into G series dizzy...

Carrier Plates - G series on left - RB on right


Centre Shafts - G series on left - RB on right


Now its time to remove the old parts from G series dizzy taking care to mark which spring came from which weight and what end of the spring it was attached to,also mark the inside of the casing just to be sure - then slide RB shaft into the same position G series shaft came from....Use G series springs when drop carrier plate back into housing.


From here,I first installed the reluctor back on the carrier plate,then reattached the vac. advance the outer casing needs to be modded to fit ignitor...basically rotated 90 Deg. from original RB location.I drilled 2 x 4mm holes on the sides as well as 2 notches for the mounting bracket to sit in as well as a new piece for the wiring grommet to slide into ........BE SURE TO USE SOME SILICON HEAT TRANSFER PASTE ON THE REAR OF IGNITOR TO PREVENT OVERHEATING OF UNIT!!!!!!!!!!


Once the ignitor sits inside the housing and old dizzy cap fits on,spin the shaft by hand to make sure nothing is this point the air gap should be set - between 0.2mm - 0.4mm....avoid steel feeler gauges as they can damage the magnetic field!!!!

Finished product should look something like this......


It is just a simple matter of reinstalling in the car now.....connect red wire to loom side of ballast resistor and black to the Neg (-) side of coil.Check timing and start the car.....

I have noticed the car does start a lot easier and idles cold easier..quicker pickup on the highway (110km+) and revs out a lot smoother.

Hope this helps out with the conversion




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